In the dark of
Night she took my hand guided
My footsteps

Into the shadows
To the vault in which she awaits
Spends her days

Where we entwined
Together until the full moon arose
Her lips stole my soul

Like a spider she
Wrapped me up in a silken cocoon
Of her deadly love

From which there
Is no escape – transformed into a
Creature of the night

Till Morn’s Early Light

From across the
Room her cruel smile caught my eye
The come hither

Look within her
Sparkling eyes lured my feet to an
Untimely death

Unfolded within her
Embrace she bid me to drink deeper
Of her poisoned lips

While the Sun sailed
Across the sky ever higher we soared
In her unmarked grave

Into my ears alone
She poured her whispered secrets
While my fingertips

Eagerly explored her
Rolling hills and hidden valleys until
The full moon arose

Hereafter we’d consort
Upon the clouds underneath the stars
Until morns early light

Think Twice

Words can
Be like hammer blows
To the heart

Or as
Refreshing as a gentle rain

Chose them
Wisely – once spoken for
Good or ill

They can’t
Be recalled nor consequences


All alone upon
The Moors my footsteps trod well
Past midnight

From the ground
The mists of time arise swirl lazily
Round my footsteps

As the full moon
Arises my thoughts return to you
My dearest love

Memories flit to
And fro before my eyes like fireflies
On a summer’s Eve

From Twilight’s fall
To morns early light my footsteps
Traverse the path

Between the present
And the past to the grave where you
Lie neath the flowers

Patiently Awaiting

Throughout the
Maze of our society to and fro the
Rats are in disarray

Afraid of something
They can’t see buzzing like locusts
Wolves on the prowl

They swarm into
The grocery stores leaving empty
Shelves behind

Barricade their
Families behind locked doors afraid
To step outside

Unaware of the
Predators lurking within the shadows
Watching them

Stalking their prey
Within the moonlight from the fall of
Twilight to sunrise

The harbingers of
Death patiently await as the plague
Culls – thins the herd

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